Pressure Washing in Raleigh: 4 Steps to Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start making plans for spring cleaning. Caring for your home in the spring is an important part of home maintenance. During the winter, your home collects a dirty residue left behind by snow, ice, dead leaves, dirt, and all sorts of debris that discolors the look of your house and surrounding property. Spring cleaning your home is necessary not only to revive that drab appearance winter leaves behind, but also to keep your property value in a good range. Spring cleaning is an investment we make in our homes, and it’s just as important on the exterior as it is inside. At Fairway Home Detailing, our crew is trained to thoroughly clean the outside of your home in four steps. We offer pressure washing throughout the Raleigh area, and our crew is the best in the Triangle. We’ll remove all traces of winter and have your home ready for spring¬†in no time by focusing on these four important areas.

House Washing

Homeowners, have no fear. We’re well known around Raleigh for our pressure washing capabilities, leaving the exterior of your home looking like new. Using highly effective, low-pressure techniques, we’ll thoroughly wash away that grime that leaves your home looking dingy and discolored, as well as cleanse your home of old nests and webs lingering from the previous year. Our PWNA-certified professional crew uses advanced equipment and the safest detergents to achieve the best clean possible, even eliminating gutter buildup. We take every precaution not to damage your paint, and we also finish by applying our raincoat house wax to help your home dry faster and repel new dirt longer.

Deck Restoration

Once we’ve cleaned your home, it’s time to make the rest match. A newly cleaned house makes an aged, dingy deck stand out even more. With spring coming, it’s time to get your deck ready for those outdoor gatherings. We’ll carefully but efficiently pressure wash your deck back to life. When we’re finished, we’ll apply our deck preservation application, which provides full protection from all wood-damaging elements. This application also improves wood appearance. If you need it, we can also repair loose board and railing, as well as sand handrail surfaces to prevent splintering.

Concrete & Paver Renewal

After brightening up your home and deck, your driveway, walkways, and stone walls are next. These areas look weathered over time, collecting water, snow, car oil, and damages from kids and pets. Before washing any concrete or stone, we’ll inspect the area for cracks and make repairs as needed. Then we’ll apply a brightener before washing with Fairway’s specialty deep-cleaning machine. We use a high-volume, low-pressure final flush to remove all uplifted debris and seal the surface as well using landscape-safe products. We can also remove stains, such as tire marks, rust, oil, and most organic staining.

Roof Stain Removal

Raleigh, NC commonly sees a particular algae thanks to its humidity levels that causes discoloration on roofs. It leaves roofs with an unsightly appearance, especially when combined with discoloration due to mildew, moss, dirt, and other organic staining. Why address the rest of your home and leave your roof in rough shape? The appearance and upkeep of your roof is just as important as they are for any other area of your home, but it’s not a DIY job. Roof cleaning is dangerous work, work that we take extreme caution with. We take our time and use the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association’s recommended washing method. Our method is 100% landscape safe, and we offer a four-year guarantee against stains returning, the longest stain guarantee in the area.


With Fairway Home Detailing at your service, your home will be shining like new just in time for spring. Our pressure washing services have served Raleigh for years, and our crew is the best around. We make it our priority to not only do the most thorough, effective job possible, but to respect your home and landscaping in the process. Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart from all other home detailing companies, and we’re willing to prove it. Need pressure washing services? Give us a call at (919) 434-3488 or contact us on our website.